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Frank's Bar & Pub: Since 1888 (8-18-2014)

18th Aug 2014, 12:00 PM in Frank's Bar & Pub: Since 1888
Frank's Bar & Pub: Since 1888 (8-18-2014)
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Author Notes:

CACKLE.N.COMICS 18th Aug 2014, 12:00 PM
The drink is a "Cranberry Bacon Vodka Martini Mixed with an Old Fashioned with a Cherry Yogurito Daiquiri topped off with a pinch of Irish Coffee dipped in Apple Sauce" - try it, it's good! - RK


Banes 18th Aug 2014, 1:50 PM
Hahahaha! That's a hilarious drink...what, no toast stuffed into that?

That guy looks like he's had enough, though...
CACKLE.N.COMICS 18th Aug 2014, 2:00 PM
LOL yeah Mr Banes; I think Patty should just cut him off already ;D
Stever 18th Aug 2014, 2:49 PM
Haha! That sounds like the same drinks they used to ask me to make when I was a bartender ;D
CACKLE.N.COMICS 18th Aug 2014, 6:01 PM
Oh yeah, there's a fair share of exotic requests
Skweeee 18th Aug 2014, 3:21 PM
This looks as though it's just before Patty grabs his finger and tears it off..
CACKLE.N.COMICS 18th Aug 2014, 6:00 PM
LOL yeah it looks like it won't take much anyways XD
Toxic Keg 20th Aug 2014, 5:24 PM
Toxic Keg
This picture cracks me up because his pointer finger looks like a condom. Did she already break it? XDD
CACKLE.N.COMICS 20th Aug 2014, 5:44 PM
LOL it's a possibility, he seems like a regular
moizmad 20th Aug 2014, 6:28 PM
I have that drink all the time, but I always add some of that gooey stuff you find underneath the toilet for an added hint of flavour!
CACKLE.N.COMICS 20th Aug 2014, 11:44 PM
LMAO - oh yeah that'll give it that extra kick! LOL
Lamar 29th Aug 2014, 6:58 AM that a rubber he's holding...?