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The final battle of the New War of the Seven Seas begins

24th May 2018, 4:24 AM in The Maritime Myth of The Mystical Mermaia
The final battle of the New War of the Seven Seas begins
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CACKLE.N.COMICS 24th May 2018, 4:24 AM
Imani, Meria, Momma Fish Girl and even her husband Triton waited patiently for the Mermaia's Evil Empire to arrive. In their minds they were ready for the final battle. They recruited many sea dwellers included but not limited to the following; the Turtle Folk of the Croton Aqueduct, the Fish Men of Erie, the legendary Star Crowned Mermaid with Two Tails, the Sabre Swordfish of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and of course Triton's favorite companions the Ocean Horses from the Tropics of Capricorn. They waited where the West Bay of Atlantis was once located, directly in the path of the Mermaia's next target, which was knowingly going to be her biggest challenge: The Americas. Once this third Supreme Ocean Nation fell the rest of the world would certainly follow. Mermaid-kind has reproduced exponentially since the last War of the Seven Seas, and this is why every expert agrees that the war will be easily won by the Mermaia's Evil Empire. In the distance you could see evil mermaids travelling at record speeds, producing a tidal wave in their path. Imani screams an ancient mermaid rallying call and the Allied Mermaids charge forward producing a worthy tsunami themselves. The two waves crash, and the sea warriors enter into combat. The Mermaia strikes first destroying the Allies north flank while Merabelle pummels the south. Most of the Mermaids of the Mermaia's Empire have been training since birth for this moment, preparing for every possible scenario, ruthless in their actions. Mothers killing daughters, daughters killing mothers, the Mermaia had separated the best of families with the promise of power and nothing could stop her now. The Allied Mermaids put up a good fight but it was almost impossible to defeat a skillful army that was almost double their size. Thousands on the Allied Mermaids side died in battle. Now Triton and Momma Fish Girl were face to face with The Mermaia, their great great great great granddaughter who they vanished and then when she rose into goddess power, they vanished themselves to that other planet. Now the descendant of these great Mer-people asked them if they had any final words. They told her that she was the worst. Imani saw that they were in trouble so she charged toward the evil goddess, but before Imani could get close a group of evil mermaids held her off. The Mermaia could taste victory.