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The Crustacean Collectors

17th May 2018, 10:28 AM in The Maritime Myth of The Mystical Mermaia
The Crustacean Collectors
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CACKLE.N.COMICS 17th May 2018, 10:28 AM
The High Council of Mermaid-kind, the ordained ministers who are in charge of appointing god-ship to Mermaids began to worry that the Mermaia only sought destruction and not greatness and growth like she had promised to do. They plotted to strip the Mermaia of her title and put Imani in charge, but to prove that a goddess, once appointed, was committing treason against mermaid-kind was blasphemy and let's face it, not the easiest thing to prove. They had only one chance to turn mermaid-kind against the Mermaia and recruited the help of The Crustacean Collectors, a group of genetically enhanced mutants who are obsessive hoarders. They collect at least one of everything, especially if they don't need it. One particular thing they have coveted forever is the Sacred Sculpture of Amphitrite which is safely on display in the Museum of Mermaid Artifacts. The Sacred Sculpture of Amphitrite is an ancient religious artifact that represents good fortune, virtue and benediction from Amphitrite, the goddess of the Sea. If the sculpture is ever stolen, then it is written that the current ruler is misleading mermaid-kind to certain destruction. The Crustacean Collectors didn't believe all this hoopla anyhow, so they had no problem in taking it. The only reason why they hadn't taken it before is because they didn't want to be hunted down for the rest of their lives by mermaid-kind, but now with a blessing from the high council, nothing would stop them from trying. And where are our heroes from the crab looking submarine you ask? Well, still stuck on the other planet fighting of evil mermaids of course and also trying to get to the portal, but don't worry, they'll be back.

PS> It's Pack Rat Day, so don't be like the Crustacean Collectors, this day is a reminder to get rid of some of the stuff you don't need and not let the things you own, own you.