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Rocket Powered Skateboard (not a Rocket Powered Surfboard you guys)

12th May 2018, 4:22 AM in The Maritime Myth of The Mystical Mermaia
Rocket Powered Skateboard (not a Rocket Powered Surfboard you guys)
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CACKLE.N.COMICS 12th May 2018, 4:22 AM
There's hope. Finally they could see what was on the other side of the vortex, and somehow it's clear skies... but as this realization was sinking in, they ask, did the spiral act like some sort of portal and just spit them out on the same ocean? Or was this a new undiscovered sea on some obscure planet? Whichever it was, the crab looking ship was being pushed on to a distant shore. Was this Atlantis? Then, before they could answer that question, evil mermaids were all over the submarine once again. But thankfully, all of a sudden on a rocket powered skateboard (not a rocket powered surfboard you guys) the pilot who crash-landed due to the Mermaia's meddling in the beginning of the movie (played none other by Tony Hawk) comes and saves the day by; removing the junk from the submarine's propellers, kick-flipping a few of the evil mermaids out the way and leads the crew towards safety.

Happy Birthday Tony