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Seathina: the Teacher of all Mermaids

Seathina: the Teacher of all Mermaids
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Author Notes:

CACKLE.N.COMICS 8th May 2018, 4:00 AM
When they arrive to The Library they see that it is in ruins and find Seathina, the Teacher of all Mermaids just outside. When they ask her why the Library is empty, Seathina looks at them amazed, wondering why they would ask such a question and angrily answers "You must know there can't be books underwater. I am the keeper of all mermaid history and knowledge... And if you didn't understand what I meant by that, I meant I have all this knowledge in my brain man!" Seathina is wise and ancient, her exterior might seem young, but again don't be fooled, this is one of the many beauty secrets of mermaid-kind. They promise to let her go if she provides the crew with the directions to the exact whereabouts of Atlantis, she agrees on the condition that she doesn't go with them; when asked why she doesn't just lead them there, she reminds them that those that teach can't do

PS: Just kidding teachers, Happy National Teacher's Appreciation Day