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Greetings From Atlantis

Greetings From Atlantis
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CACKLE.N.COMICS 7th May 2018, 7:55 AM
Now without a guide AND a cabin boy, the crew starts to get restless. To calm them down, Seaman Sam tells them the tale of the true History of Atlantis. See Atlantis was THE VACATION CAPITAL OF THE OLD WORLD and mermaids were a huge part of it. Great people from around the world would travel many moons just to be in Atlantis. Furthermore, there is a theory that Atlantis actually exists in a different dimension. Whatever did actually happen to Atlantis, one thing is certain, no one can seem to find it. Half of the crew doubt the existence of Atlantis and think the story is a bunch of baloney and leave the mission, the remaining continue their journey to The Mermaid Library with the coordinates provided by Meria